Uv Dtf Transfer Application Instructions

Uv Dtf Application Instructions

1. Make sure glass is clean from any hand oils, you don’t want your fingerprints behind the design. I use a microfiber towel. I have used alcohol in my testing and the wrap has held up BUT our manufacturer states—Our wraps are NOT alcohol friendly, so this is your WARNING!

2. Squeegee both the back and front of the wrap. This helps the design not to lift when you’re peeling the top film off the glass.

3. Before peeling the back film off the design be sure and hold it up to your application to check for fit and placement.  Keep in mind not all the wraps are the same size, some work better on larger and or smaller applications and some are meant to be decals or stickers for a smaller area or for custom designs.  This is where you can be creative and unique, consider trimming the elements of the design and place in an unexpected way for your own unique creation.

4. Place the wrap face down and slowly peel/roll the back or bottom layer off the design making sure the design stays adhered to the top film. If you see the design elements sticking to the film you are peeling off just ley it back down in that area and squeegee a bit more.  Once you are ready to place your design but before touching it to your cup make sure that is where you want it, once it touches it generally cannot be moved as the adhesive is extremely strong.

5. Place your design and squeegee the top film, working from the center outwards, pushing out any air bubbles, at this point I usually use my fingers and really rub on the individual elements of the design to make sure they won't lift when I peel the top film off.

6. Peel clear top film off slowly and as you're peeling if you see any elements not adhering to your cup just place the top film back on that element and rub again with your fingers and try again.  I have found that elements or lettering that are really thin will lift but it just takes a little practice to get it right.

Disclaimer : We are NOT responsible for Cup Wraps that are applied incorrectly or damaged during application.